About us

About Probos

At Probos we are committed to sustainable forest management. We collect and develop knowledge and pass it on to foresters, policy makers and organizations in the forest and timber sector. In the Netherlands ánd the rest of the world.

Knowledge institute

As an independent knowledge institute we work for and with governments, private sector, as well as non-governmental organizations.

A forest according to Probos

For us, a forest represents many aspects. It’s an ecosystem, a provider of wood and other products, a way to mitigate climate change, a source of income. It is also a place for recreation, and it represents our cultural heritage. Therefore, we believe that we need to protect and expand the forests of the world, and, where appropriate, harvest them sustainably.

Our mission

We are a not-for-profit consultancy, and our professionals are all committed to our mission:

  • promoting sustainable forest management

We divide that into more tangible sub-targets:

Our approach

We bring innovation to the sector by:

  • collecting, providing and analysing reliable data on forests and wood products to enable sound policy making
  • helping the forest-based timber chain to function optimally
  • helping forest managers to create a sound financial base for forest management
  • developing professional competence and expertise in forest management
  • expanding the area covered by forests and biomass cultivation
  • promoting a sound balance in the services and functions of the forest: ecological, production, socio-economic and environmental

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