Woody biomass

Probos considers woody biomass an important economic source to manage and maintain forests, nature areas, landscape characteristics and urban plantings. As a renewable resource it helps to lower our dependency on fossil fuels. It is also increasingly important for producing biobased raw materials for production and construction. Therefore, the demand for biomass is rising.

Sustainable biomass

Whether it is used as fuel or as a raw material, the biomass should always be sourced sustainably. This means it has to meet the following conditions:

  • sourced from sustainable management areas
  • cascaded, meaning optimally deployed from an economical and climate perspective (so burning biomass is only acceptable if no other application is available)
  • deployed as close as possible from its source
  • produced without displacing food production
  • preferably produced without use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers
  • sourced with attention for
    • the nutrient balance
    • the landscape
    • public support

Probos’ activities on biomass

We develop several activities in the field of biomass:

  • collecting reliable data on production, use, import and export
  • exploring and promoting sustainable and cost-effective harvesting methods
  • carrying out market research and feasibility studies
  • practical and literature studies
  • demos and information meetings