Certified wood on the Belgian market in 2016

To monitor the progress in the context of the Belgian “Sectoral Agreement of the 1st of March 2011 for the increase of the proportion of wood products form sustainable managed forests”, Probos studied the Belgian market. For the third time, together with the partners BOS+ Vlaanderen vwz and IDEA Consult, Probos mapped the share of FSC and PEFC certified primary timber products on the Belgian market. In response to the plans to develop a new Sectoral Agreement, (exploratory) research is conducted on the share of certified wood fibre with secondary timber processors, as well as paper and cardboard. Furthermore, the origin and evolution of certified wood products is studied and a proposal is presented for future reporting of the share of certified wood products on the Belgian market. Aim of the study:
  • Analysis of the Belgian market for primary timber products;
  • Analysis of the Belgian market for wood products that do not fall under the scope of the current Sectoral Agreement;
  • Estimating the evolution of the supply of primary timber products and processed wood from sustainably managed forests on the Belgian market for the next few years;
  • Reporting as part of the implementation of the Sectoral Aagreement;
  • Formulating recommendations for the Federal minister of environment.
Reports: Probos experts involved: Mark van Benthem, Jan Oldenburger and Jasprina Kremers Commissioner: Federale Belgische Overheidsdienst Volksgezondheid Years: 2017 - 2018