Our expertise

Probos has a wide experience in practically all fields of expertise as far as forest management and the timber market is concerned.

Sustainable Timber

As Probos our mission is a sustainable timber market. A strong demand from importing countries has a significant influence on forest management and timber processing in producing countries.

Our expertise in this field:

  • collecting and analysing (trade) data and carrying out market studies
  • supporting the Dutch government, resulting in increase of the Dutch market for sustainably sourced timber has grown from 13% in 2005 to 83% in 2015
  • spreading this type of market support to Belgium and the rest of the world
  • supporting the European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (STTC)

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Woody biomass

Probos considers woody biomass an important economic source to manage and maintain forests, nature areas, landscape characteristics and urban plantings. It can be used as fuel or to produce biobased raw materials. Sustainably sourcing of woody biomass is a very important precondition for Probos.

Our activities in this field:

  • collecting reliable data for market research and feasibility studies
  • exploring and promoting sustainable and cost-effective harvesting methods
  • encouraging the cultivation of woody biomass crops, especially in combination with other functions, such as agriculture, water retention, etc.
  • practical and literature studies
  • demos and information meetings

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Climate Smart Forestry

Probos promotes the concept of ‘Climate Smart Forestry’ by developing practical tools and providing knowledge on Climate Smart Forestry. We also offer insight in the costs and benefits of CSF for forest managers and policy makers.

Some examples of our CSF activities:

  • we work on an online toolbox for Climate Smart Forestry
  • we carry out a pilot project to promote agroforestry on free range chicken farms
  • we develop climate smart regeneration options for forest stands affected by ash dieback

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Invasive species

Invasive species are an increasing problem in nature areas, verges, parks and gardens. Probos has a history of studying the effects and control methods of invasive species, for example Asian knotweed, red oak, black cherry and northern highbush blueberry. In 2011 we published a practical guide on how to control invasive plant species (in Dutch).

Our activities to date:

  • extensive study on knotweed control methods (2013-2016) and study on knotweed treatment with hot water or steam (2018)
  • decision tree to select the most suitable method for specific knotweed locations
  • Dutch national knotweed control protocol
  • Dutch website on the controlling of Asian knotweed  www.bestrijdingduizendknoop.nl
  • website of the European Knotweed Control Network  www.knotweedcontrolnetwork.eu

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Cultural heritage

Forests are a rich source of cultural heritage. However, across Europe valuable forest sites and historical artefacts are being damaged in routine forest management activities. This usually happens unintentionally due to a lack of attention, awareness or experience. Probos has pioneered intensively by researching and highlighting the rich cultural heritage of forests.

From our broad experience in The Netherlands, we can also help other countries who want to focus on the cultural heritage in their forests by:

  • sharing best practices
  • consultancy
  • research programmes
  • training courses

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