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The European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF), Probos and Environmental Services & Support organize the trade mission ´Linking Surinamese timber to European markets’ in November 2015. You can join!

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Close to 400,000 ha natural forests have been certified in Suriname in the last few years. The logging companies participating in the IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative, supported Guiana Shield Tropical Timber Program are eager to establish new business relations for their FSC-labelled products: logs, primary sawn timber and semi-finished products.

The trade mission is an excellent opportunity to meet and link with these companies; get to know their range of products and species; processing facilities and see what sustainable forest management in the Suriname context in practice means.

In Suriname a program awaits you that:

  1. will give you first hand insights in the complete timber production chain of the FSC certified concessions. From sustainable forest management (SFM) practices to wood processing facilities (primary and secondary sawmills) and export logistics;
  2. facilitates business encounters to the group as a whole, as well as to individual participants;
  3. presents views on the timber supply chain in Suriname by experts from the government (e.g. Forest Service / SBB), embassy, the business community (e.g. Chamber of Commerce / KKF) and NGO’s (e.g. WWF-Guianas and Tropenbos International);
  4. informs you what the Guiana Shield Tropical Timber Program and the European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (STTC) can offer to you.

Detailed day-to-day planning can be found here.

Costs for participants are limited to flight, visa, board and lodging. Probos and ESS will book board, lodging and local transport.


  • The trade mission is planned in week 46 (arriving in Paramaribo Sat Nov 7 and leaving Sat Nov 14);
  • Costs flight, visa, board and lodging: app. 1,750 EUR (depending on country of origin);

The registration form can be found here.

Sign up to the trade mission asap! The number of participants is limited to 16 persons and the minimum number of participants is 10.
Please contact Mark van Benthem of Probos, for more information (Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. or +31-317466560).


Draft program trade mission: Linking Surinamese timber to European markets
Day 1
Sat. Nov 7

Evening: Arrival at Zanderij Airport, Paramaribo
Hotel check-in, informal 'get together' in hotel accommodation (drinks & bites)

Day 2
Sun. Nov 8

Acclimatize: no activities scheduled during the day
Evening: Presentation by (1) Suriname representative on the Guiana Shield Tropical Timber Program & (2) by Probos on the European STTC

Day 3
Mon. Nov 9

Visit 2 sawmills
Evening: Presentation LBB/SBB.

Day 4
Tue. Nov 10

Fieldtrip to forestry concession and sawmill (I)
No evening program: option for individual business encounters

Day 5
Wed. Nov 11

Fieldtrip to forestry concession and sawmill (II)
Evening: Presentation Suriname Promotional Species

Day 6
Thu. Nov 12

Morning: Visits to Min. of Trade & Industry, Harbor, Chamber of Commerce
Afternoon: visit  processing company
No evening program: options for individual business encounters

Day 7
Fri. Nov 13

Morning: Visit CELOS & Tropenbos International (TBI, forestry research)
Afternoon: options for individual business encounters
Evening: reception HMA

Day 8
Sat. Nov 14

No program, options for individual business encounters
Afternoon: Depart from Hotel to Zanderij Airport